Company Overview

Cherytech – Integrating Innovations and Securing Relationships

Incorporated in the year 1995, cherytech India has emerged as a force to reckon with in fire protection, safety and security. We have professionalized design and engineering to deliver qualitatively superior ,functionally excellent, and highly reliable fire protection systems that cater to diverse segments of the market. Our extensive research on latest technology enables us to integrate latest innovations while drafting customized and appropriate solutions to our client’s needs.

Today, Cherytech is recognized for our strength in world class engineering solutions and for our reputation as a company founded on trust, commitment and a monocular vision to save lives and property.

Our services range from fire risk assessments, fire audits, survey, design, estimation, costing, procurement, engineering, 24/7operation, inspection, testing and preventive maintenance service and AMC of fire protection, life safety and security systems.

Our success story spans across diverse industries starting from and not limited to commercial facilities, warehouses and storage buildings, factories, airports, Health care, Hotels, Retail, pharma, Data centers, etc.

Cherytech is a company promoted by C.K. Kuriakose and other experienced entrepreneurs. Incorporated in the year 1995, the company started effective operations in 1999. We have grown from humble beginnings to a qualitatively superior, responsible, responsive and reliable fire protection and security systems company of repute today.

Under the management and professional experience of Mr C.K. Kuriakose combined with the expertise of Mr A.K. Nandi, the former Senior Vice President of Mather & Platt fire protection Ltd, the company saw tremendous growth and by its 10th year of operations in 2009 we grew into million dollar company.

CEO's Message

It gives me great pride to have led an organization for 23 years in the industry. Cherytech has emerged victorious at multiple points through this journey. We have been consistent in our delivery of top of the line projects, qualitatively superior engineering services and most importantly, our leadership.

This is the time the company is full of energy and vitality. The youthful dynamism engulfing the company gets transformed to fresh enjoyable experiences for our clients and the wisdom and experience gained from 23 years of serving the industry is in perfect sync with the client’s needs, expectations and attitudes.

Unlike yesteryears, we have realised the need to deliver projects one week earlier than the committed dates. This is a herculean task and many a times we are able to achieve this, owing to our relationships with our stakeholders that is founded in trust, honesty and integrity.

We have positioned ourselves at the top of the spectrum and offering premium products and matching this with the highest quality norms in design engineering and installation practices. We deliver world class systems which will take care of all safety and security requirements of our esteemed clients.

The world is passing through the trials and tribulations of insurgency, terror and violence. Security for life and property assumes a greater role and the challenge before us as solution providers is to rise up to the expected level and provide innovative reengineering solutions which meet superior level of protection.

We believe that 100% Assurance on protection can only be provided by almighty Lord but if we are found lacking in preparatory preventive measures we would not be able to stand the test of time. Keeping this in mind, we have tied up with world leaders in security business in surveillance, intelligent data collection and Access Management by intelligent electronic hardware and innovative technologies, we have converted our security solutions into a full-fledged security division catering to the needs from analysing the security threats and adapting cost effective solutions by constructive design engineering and intelligent and appropriate configuration of systems.

We are a professional team that are involved in design selection, installation, commissioning and training of fire safety and security Engineering solutions actively working in collaboration with other Agencies to be a positive influence in providing safety and security to life and property for those who care and work with honesty and integrity.

We take all possible measures to ensure delivery of appropriate code compliant systems in fire safety and security.

We have a dream, a collective dream of becoming the leader in the field of fire safety and security business primarily in India and stretch to the world at large. We will convert this into reality by youthful passion, commitment and value creation for customers . We trust in the lord for achieving this ambitious goal in the immediate future.

We solicit your patronage which is the key to our success.

Managing Director

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